Day One of my 2022 April Insanity List!

Are you ready to get started on your April List? Follow along with me each day in April as I show you what is going on my list. You can start your own list! It doesn’t have to be 30 projects if that is more than you want to do. For most of us stitchers, quilters, crafters, we tend to have more projects in various stages than we know what to do with. If you want all the details of the reasoning behind my annual Insanity (Project) List, check my blog from March 22. I will be going over these details here and there during the month of April so you will get a good idea of how this list is meant to work.

The first rule is this list is not written in stone! Literally, use a pencil. It has an eraser!! I think if you follow along with me this month, you will see how this list will work for you. Remember, this is a list of projects for the coming YEAR not for the next few months. Also, if you have something on the list that doesn’t get done, it’s ok. IT’S OK!!!

My first project is one that I set aside for way too long so I really want to get it done this year. It may make you feel better to know that this project is about three years old!! You aren’t the only one who has old projects and I have projects older than that! This list isn’t about how old your projects are or how many you have. It really is just about picking out some of them, adding a few new ones and keeping a list that keeps a little focus throughout the year.

My first project is Seasonal Silhouettes by Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts. There is a different block for each month of the year with a theme to go with each month. Each block is 12″ x 16″ with just the background fabric. The blocks will have one or two borders or sashings, depending on what I decided to do with the blocks. I could finish each block separately and hang a different block each month on a table stand. No need to decide now because fusing the pieces and applique stitching the blocks will be the same no matter what the end project. As a little extra info, I bought this project with the applique pieces already cut and fused. Yes, easier to do and I still didn’t get it done!! Hahaha!!

My goal is to get a block done each month for the placing and fusing the pieces. I am not including stitching each block for now. Even though all the pieces are in individual packages and everything is in a box, I really want to get this all fused first. The point is to not overwhelm myself and to set reasonable goals. I can make the stitching a goal once the block pieces are all fused. I can change over to doing some stitching at any time. Remember, my list is done with a pencil!!

See you tomorrow!

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