For the past few years, I have made a list of projects that I either needed to finish, wanted to start or machine or equipment I had that I wanted to work on. For example, I have a serger and I love using my serger but I don’t see to fit that into my schedule so time keeps going by and I keep thinking about using my serger. Many of us have something we bought and haven’t used but really, really wanted it when we bought it. Some of us may have more than one thing!!

I originally started this list because it was so overwhelming to think about all I started and didn’t finish along with beautiful projects I wanted to do or I wanted to try because I hadn’t done that type of project before. There are many of us in this boat, paddling around in circles.

Over the next few weeks, I will explain more of what my list is and how I decide what goes on it. Remember, it is just a list! It is made to guide me through the next year, helping me to stay more focus, not worry about what isn’t on my list and have more fun enjoying my hobbies. I always post a project each day in April so you can see what I’m working on, give you an idea of what your list may look like and give you some pointers for making your list. Remember it’s a list of projects to work on over the coming year, not to get done next week!! It can include other things besides projects. Maybe you’d like to just get outdoors during good weather and never make the time you really want to to just be outside! Maybe you want to try baking or try new recipes.

It isn’t all about quilting, sewing and whatever projects I’m working on. I have started dehydrating different vegetables to have on hand that won’t go bad before I get to use them. In this picture, I added dehydrated onions, carrots and celery to my soup. I like to make bread now and again but I don’t seem to make it as often as I would like. You know how we all put things often until “later” and before we know it, a lot of time has gone by or “later” just never arrives! So on my list will be “Kitchen”. Not the best word I guess as it could conjure up visions of dishes and other kitchen chores but until I come up with a better word, Kitchen will have to do.

Starting April 1st and continuing for the month, I will be posting each day about what is on my list for that day. Hopefully, this will inspire you to create your own April Insanity list and give you some ideas of projects, techniques or new hobbies you might like to try or get back doing.

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