My Baby Lock sewing/embroidery machine has a section on it called IQ Designer.  The machine has three sections.  One is sewing, one is embroidery and the last one is IQ Designer where I can go in and make my own embroidery designs.  In this case, I am going to use the quilting designs that are built in, making it much easier to get each section done.

Today is more about technique and using a portion of my embroidery machine where I can make my own stitches to stitch on fabric in the hoop. 

I am going to use a fabric panel which is a giant flower.  My goal is to use a different quilting stitch in each of the petals of the flower.

Though the panel and flower are quite big, I am looking at this one petal at a time.  Some times when you have a big project to do, break it down into manageable sections and consider each section as a project done.  If I opened up the panel and looked at the entire thing that I need to get done, I would probably set it aside for another time.  I can manage one petal at a time.

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