Here’s a fun busket to make from two fat quarters! Don’t know what fat quarters are? It is a fabric cut that quilters like to use. A quarter of a yard of fabric is 9″ x 42″. A fat quarter is 18″ x 21″ so you have more of a square to work with. The fat quarter is the size that it is because it is taking a half yard of fabric 18″ x 42″ and cutting it in half on the long end…the 42″ cut in half. Don’t know what a busket is? It is a basket and bucket combination!! Ok, I made the “busket” name up!!

You can use this busket for anything from holding your knitting or crocheting project to holding your bathroom “essentials”. I can hold at least four skeins of yarn, my pattern instructions and my scissor/notions bag in the busket with plenty of room left over. I have four jumbo rolls of TP in the busket so if you didn’t want any to show, just keep two rolls in there.

Here is a close up picture for you to use when making this busket so you can see how the handles were pinned on and stitched.

Watch this video tutorial for making the busket and, as you can see in the picture, I made two different sizes. Check in the video’s description for a link to a free download of the cutting instructions. Have fun making plenty of Buskets with handles….or without!

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