Must be getting close to Spring as the turkeys are back!! I’m not sure where they go in the Winter because it doesn’t appear as though they can fly very well but they disappear for the colder months and come back about this time every year.

It isn’t often that I see the turkeys with their full feather fanned out so I thought I’d share a few pictures with you. They already look like they are ready for the Thanksgiving table! When I look at them I think “Mmmm, turkey pie”!

There were about thirty turkeys out there today, running around (well, running for them is a fast walk) both sides of the road. Cars were slowing down to get a better look as they kept their feathers fanned for quite some time and there was lots of gobbling going on. Part of the Spring mating season, I’m sure.

Do you get wild turkeys in your area? We will see them around now throughout the summer months. Generally, in flocks of anywhere from twelve to thirty or more.

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