One of my goals for this year is to send out a few cards to family and friends for each holiday! Before you go “Wow!”, let me just same I have a very small family!! The Cricut Joy is so easy to use and sits on a shelf right near my work area that to just grab it and make a few cards should be pretty easy. I have a small container for all the tools and supplies I need for the Joy so it is also easy just to grab and get started.

There are cards with inserts and envelopes that you can buy from Cricut, Walmart and other stores that carry Cricut machines and supplies and I have some of those. I would also like to make cards and inserts from some of the cardstock I already have on hand and will be doing a video in the near future showing how to make your own cards and inserts so you can use up some of your own stash of card making supplies.

Below is a video tutorial showing how I made this quick and easy Valentine Card.

Get out your Cricut Joy and make a card with me!

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