In the Schoohouse Kitchen Today!

In the kitchen today, I am making turkey soup from some turkey bone broth I made last week. I canned the broth and one of the cans didn’t seal properly so today I’m using it for my soup! Just added some fresh carrots and celery; adding egg noodles later.

I never use up all the carrots and celery when they are fresh so I keep dehydrated carrots and celery in my pantry when make soups and casseroles. My supply was getting low so it was time for a new batch. Making soup at the same time didn’t require any additional chopping time and now I have lunch for a few days!

I use my Foodi to dehydrate as I was lucky enough to have the dehydrating feature on mine. I had to buy a dehydrator round rack that was made for the Foodi and it works perfectly. The round mats that keep small pieces from falling through was a separate purchase but not very expensive. If you have a Foodi that has the dehydrating feature and you want the same rack I am using, click here for the link. The round mats were from the same company.

Now that everything is cooking away, it’s time to get some sewing done!

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