Now isn’t that a strange project — Kitchen!! Well, here’s my thoughts and plan. I have been doing a bit of dehydrating of veggies and I would like to do more. Now and again I bake a loaf of bread in my bread maker and I’d like to do more. Last time, I made cheese bread. It was great! I have been doing a bit of canning and, you guessed it, I would like to do more. If I don’t put this on my 2022 April Insanity List then time will just go by and not much that I wanted to do or try will happen. Make sense?

Made some strawberry jam!

Another reason I wanted to this my List is to show you that you can put anything you want on your List. It doesn’t have to be all about sewing, crafting, etc. I can be about things you want to do. Maybe you want to make sure you take a walk each day or, at least, a few days a week; put that on your list. Maybe you have a book you’ve been wanting to read but just haven’t yet. Put that on your list. When you finish reading that book, add another or change to something else you want to do this year!

See you tomorrow,

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