Finishing Up My Block of the Month Project

I am finishing up one of my last year’s projects.  It was a block of the month….really blocks or sections of the month.  The pattern is River Rock by Designs of Sarah J and is made with all batik fabrics.

The kit was with all ten inch squares.  Each month there was a new packet of ten inch squares from which I usually made a large 20 inch block and a smaller 13 inch block.  Both blocks were the same design, each using different fabric colors.  Sometimes there would be a “spacer” or two to also stitch up.

This quilt was not put together by rows or columns but by sections.  The “spacers” were used to fill in areas between, beside or under a block.  It was a fun quilt to put together and the instructions were easy to follow.

I have so much fabric left that I am going to be using the leftovers for other smaller projects this year and I’ll let you know when I am using these fabrics when I post about the projects.

What’s wrong with this picture??

After I put all of the sections together, I realized that I had one area that I had stitched on wrong! 

Not to panic, I just had to unstitch down a seam and across a seam.  Whenever you have to unstitch an area of the project that you have done or that particular section done, you just have to relax, take a deep breath to see how to fix it. 

Whenever I unstitch an area, I always unstitch a few inches passed what I need to fix so that I have plenty of room to realign the fabrics.

There is one more small border to this quilt and I have just one side left to stitch on.  When that is complete, I’ll post a new picture for you to see.

So, if you make a mistake, relax, take a deep breath and fix the problem.  You’ll be so happy when it is looking good!

See you soon!

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