Today is not a project!  We all have machines and equipment that we purchase then set aside for when we have time and the time just doesn’t come along.  For me, my Sashiko falls under that category though I did get it out last year and did some stitching then it fell to the wayside. 

To start with, I will make a booklet with the different sizes of stitches and spaces along with different weights of thread.  The Sashiko only does one stitch…a straight stitch.  It is a specialized machine in that it creates a stitch then a space then a stitch and a space and so on.  It is the only machine on the market that does this stitch.  It works with just a bobbin!  I’ll be sure to make a video or two on Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse YouTube channel for you to see.  I have a short video there now which is only a few minutes long if you want to take a look.

Sample Sashiko Pattern

When this machine first came out from Baby Lock, I was fortunate enough to meet the man who designed it.  He was from Japan and spoke about five words of English.  He had worked on the machine for about six years perfecting the sashiko stitch and he was so proud to see a bunch of us trying it out for the first time. 

As I recall, the man designed the machine because his wife could no longer do sashiko stitching by hand.  To me, the machine is a marvel and makes a great sashiko stitch.

The stitch length can be adjusted along with the space length.  The stitch length adjustment is separate from the space length adjustment so they don’t have to be the same to give the stitching more interest.

I can’t wait to try some different combinations of stitch length and spacing.

See you soon,

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