Today’s project is garment sewing.  I would like to make a simple top using my serger.  The fabric will have a light stretch to it so the serger is the perfect machine to use to make it.

For those of you who don’t know what a serger does, it is best used on knit or stretchy fabrics as the stitching will stretch with the garment.  Sewing machine stitching does not stretch with the garment so the stitches will snap if stretched more than just a bit.

While the serger is stitching the seam, it cuts off the excess seam and does a looping stitch that covers the raw edges of the fabric so the fabric doesn’t unravel.  Take a look at the shirt you have on.  Most likely it was made on a serger so you can look at the side seams to see what I am talking about.  Many of us these days wear clothes that are loose and comfortable.  If you’re wearing a dress shirt or blouse, chances are the seams are not serged.

If you look at the hem of your shirt, generally you will see two rows of stitching on the front side.  When you turn it over to the back side, you will see what looks similar to a zig zag stitch.  This is called a cover stitch and is made to encase the raw edge of the fabric inside that zig zag.

I am fortunately enough to own a machine that does both….serging and cover stitch.  It is like having two machines in one.  They do make a serger only machine and a cover stitch only machine and some people prefer to have separate machines.  It’s about personal preference.

I’m looking forward to this project.  When I get a pattern and fabric, I will be sure to post pictures!

See you soon,

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