It’s day ten already! Today’s project is a Baltimore Album quilt.  I started this last year with the intent to get it all designed.  I did some designing but really wasn’t sure what size I wanted the quilt and what size I wanted the blocks.  If I wanted a smaller quilt as a wall hanging, the blocks would have to be smaller to get the look I want.  There are a lot of pieces to each of these blocks and I really don’t want to work with dozens of small pieces in each block.

So for this year I want to get the sizing and layout all sorted out.  Because I would like to have a large block center, the quilt layout will have to be custom and each block set in the software separately. I am using EQ8 (Electric Quilt 8) software to make this job so much easier.

The illustration shows the basics of what I would like to do. I made this layout just to remind myself that I would a large center block. The other blocks set in are so I can easily see what size block I would have to use.

I don’t have plans to stitch it this year just so I’m not adding to my own stress.  We have the tendency to put way too much on our own plates.  Let’s not do that this year if we can help it!

See you soon,

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