Now here’s a project that will take a while!  This is machine embroidery that is done on larger pieces of fabric where I will be moving from section to section to machine embroider so it looks like one big scene.  The quilt is 60 inches by 60 inches.  I think I will be hanging it on a wall so I can look at it every day.

Most in the hoop embroidery patterns will have you stitching one block at a time then sew the blocks together.  In this project, I will cut a panel (for example, the scene about the center block) and stitch a section, move the fabric over in my hoop and align it with the first section then stitch the second section and so on until the panel is filled with stitching. 

Top Section of Woods

I am fortunate to own an embroidery machine that has a camera and a projector to help with each placement.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted how it goes!!  Maybe you will give it a go!

See you soon,

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