Here’s a project that I put aside years ago.  When I say years ago, I don’t mean two or three but we don’t need to confess everything, do we!!  There are lots of heirloom sewing techniques in this shirt. The nice part is that I am making the sections of techniques before making the shirt so if something isn’t quite right, I can easily make another one.

Pintuck Technique

One of my favorite types of sewing is heirloom sewing or heirloom serging and I just haven’t made it a priority with all the quilting and quilting projects I have been doing.  This year getting back to sewing garments is a priority. 

Puffing with Lace

Do you sew garments as well as quilting projects?  There are a lot of sewists who do one or the other.  I really prefer to do all sorts of sewing, along with all sorts of crafts. 

I do have some craft projects on my list.  I talked about one craft project on Day Two if you want to go back and read about that.

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