Day 16 – Sewing Machine Cover

Some time during the course of the last couple of years, I decided I need to make a cover for my sewing machine….or machines!  Like most of us, I keep putting it on the back burner for later.  Sometimes I think we do this because it is for us instead of a gift for someone else.

Having a fabric cover is much better than having the hard cover that comes with some machines and is certainly better than using the plastic cover that comes with some machines.  I don’t ever use a plastic cover as that will keep moisture inside the cover and on my machine.  If you don’t have a cover, use a towel over your machine.

The pictures are just samples of basically what I would like to make.  I know I want the cover to tie on the sides so there is less calculations involved!!  Also, to be able to use the cover as a mat under my machine when I am using it and have pockets that hang down at the front of my table to put scissors and other sewing notions in that I would use while stitching.

First on my list is to pick my fabrics.  Then I will decide about the pockets.  If I choose a fabric that I really like and want to see, I may not want to have pockets that cover up the fabric.

Second will be to draw up a pattern to fit a specific machine.  That’s enough to do for now!

See you soon,

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